The Lightening Catcher – Clare Weze 


Tuesday 20th July at 11am Streamed live and on catch up on Kirklees Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.

Clare Weze (pronounced way-zay) is an author with British and Nigerian heritage. She will be on LAL this coming Tuesday to talk about her latest venture ‘The Lightening Catcher’ (perfect for 8 to 11 year olds!) and give us a glimpse of the inspiration behind it.



Meet Alfie. He’s noticed a few worrying things since his family moved to Folding Ford. The weirdest one is that the weather is seriously BONKERS. A tornado caught in a bucket. An icicle on one branch of one tree on a blazing hot day. Alfie turns detective., and his best clue is the seriously strange man from the big house on Halfway Lane. Nobody ever goes there. Even Alfie’s new best friend Sam wants no part in this investigation.

But Alfie can’t resist.


In 2016 Clare Weze won the Northern Writers’ Award and her work was also selected for the Best Microfiction of 2019 . Although a trained scientist, Clare’s real passion is writing. She’s been writing since she was 8 years old! Clare likes to mix her knowledge in science with literature so that we end up with plausible plots!


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