Katie and Kevin Tsang


Tuesday 8th December at 11am

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Join Katie and Kevin Tsang for an interactive entertaining reading of their latest book – Sam Wu is NOT afraid of Space.

The series of Sam Wu is NOT afraid of…… books contain themes of facing different fears; friendship; diversity and fun, fun, fun!

The books have a suggested interest age 7-11 and reading age 9+. 

Katie and Kevin say they spend their days making up stories and thinking about what they want for dinner. If you want to know what Katie and Kevin have for dinner or you have any other questions they’d love to hear from you. You can send questions in advance to lal@kirklees.gov.uk   

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Sam Wu is scared of many things and faces a different fear in each of the funny, fast-paced books in the Sam Wu is NOT afraid…. series, created by the wonderful dynamic duo Katie and Kevin Tsang.

Katie and Kevin will be introducing us to the final Sam Wu adventure and he’s going to Space Camp, leaving his sister Lucy to look after Fang (his pet snake) and Butterbutt (the cat). Sam Loves space and he has never been more excited! Sam and his crew have lots of challenges to contend with -will they succeed and win the Space Camp Challenge trophy?

Full of fabulous illustrations this chapter book is an out of this world space-tastic adventure. 



Katie and Kevin Tsang love to write books together!

They are children’s authors, parents, and adventurers. As well as writing the hugely enjoyable and laugh out loud funny Sam Wu adventures they write the Dragon Realm series, book one Dragon Mountain is out now. 

Katie is also a YA author writing as as Katherine Webber.

Katie and Kevin met in Hong Kong and travelled around the world together, living on three different continents. They now live in London with their daughter.

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A few of Katie and Kevin’s writing tips:
Find inspiration for your writing at the park or the library or at home by noticing things.
Use a big sheet of paper to write down your thoughts about the characters in your  story, who are their friends?, what type of family do they have?
We spend alot of time thinking about what is going to happen before we start writing.
An example of how we come up with a new story is you could come up with a list of fears and then combine a few together, they may or may not go together like an amusement park on the moon.
Who is your character, what is their goal, where is your story set. There are no bad ideas but do try and make it make sense in the world it is set. Good Luck!