Mystery of the Night Watchers 

Tuesday 6th July at 11am

Streamed live and on catch up on  Kirklees Libraries’ YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter

A. M. Howell is the author of “The Garden of Lost Secrets”, and “The House of One Hundred Clocks”. On Tuesday she will be with LAL! to talk about and read from her new book “The Mystery of the Night Watchers”.  A gripping new adventure filled with buried secrets and dark lies, set against the evocative backdrop of the Edwardian era. 




MAY, 1910. As the blazing Halley’s comet draws close to the earth, Nancy is uprooted to start a new life in Suffolk with a grandfather she has never met. With every curtain drawn shut, Nancy is forbidden from leaving her grandfather’s house: no one must know that her or her mother are there.

Yet, when Nancy discovers the house’s secret observatory, she watches her mother and grandfather creep out every night… Where are they going? And why mustn’t any of them be seen? As the mysteries pile up, Nancy has to bring dark secrets from the past to light – even if doing so will put her own life at risk.



In 2015 A. M. Howell was one of 15 writers selected to take part in a Curtis Brown Creative Writing for Children course tutored by Catherine Johnson. Her books have been nominated for a number of awards and The House of One Hundred Clocks won The Mal Peet Children’s Award and The East Anglian Book of the Year 2020. 

Ann Marie lives in Suffolk with her husband and two children and when she not writing she loves nothing more than curling up with a good book. She also loves long walks in the countryside, swimming and drinking lots of tea!


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