Scisorella with Clare Helen Walsh and  Laura Barrett


Tuesday 1st February, 11am


A sumptuous picture book based on the life of German artist and pioneer of silhouette animation, Lottie Reiniger. Early years, infants and up.



About: Scissorella

Lotte doesn’t believe in happy endings. She lives with her horrible, bossy sisters and her only friends are the exquisite cut-out paper puppets she makes by the light of the moon. But when an invitation to the Palace Spring Ball arrives on their doorstep, Lotte sees her chance to change her life for ever…
Cinderella with a difference where forceful individuality and talent create happy endings not fairy tale magic.




About: Clare Helen Walsh

Clare is a former primary school teacher turned writing tutor and children’s author, living in South West England with her husband and two children. Clare does her best writing by the sea (or on the sofa with a dog on her lap!), which is lucky because she lives close to many beautiful beaches and the salty sea air.

When Clare isn’t writing stories she is inspiring children to write their own. Being a teacher means Clare loves visiting schools, libraries, bookshops and festivals to run workshops, giving her an outlet for her BIG ideas. Once she helped a class make a giant rice crispy cake that was so wide it wouldn’t fit through the door!


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About: Laura Barrett

Laura is an illustrator based in South London, specialising in intricate silhouette illustartions and decorative monochrome patterns.

With over 14 years of industry experience, she has worked with a variety of international clients within the fields of publishing, packaging & surface design, animation and large-scale illustrations for museums, graphic installations & exhibitions.

Laura predominantly works in design and publishing; illustrating packaging, children’s picture books and book covers for all ages. She created artwork for brands including the BBC, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Taschen and Penguin Random House.


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