Join us at 1pm Thursday 20th May 2021 for a live virtual tour visiting places in Kirklees, where African American freedom fighters and survivors of US chattel slavery lectured during their 19th Century tour of Britain. The tour is organised in partnership with Dr Hannah-Rose Murray, University of Edinburgh.

The event will highlight the lives, testimonies, and activism of formerly enslaved African American activists, including Frederick Douglass, Moses Roper and William and Ellen Craft, who became famous in Britain and used their celebrity to encourage support for abolition.

While some of the locations they visited in Kirklees do not remain, the sites still act as visual monuments to their courageous and inspiring activism, and how we walk past sites rich in the history of Black activism on a daily basis.

For further details read our Kirklees Together article dated 10th May 2021 available if you click here 

Watch our introductions to the tour.

Dr. Hannah-Rose Murray is a historian based at the University of Edinburgh. Her research focuses on the recovery of African American testimony in Britain during the nineteenth century. Her first book, Advocates of Freedom: African American Transatlantic Abolitionism in the British Isles was published in 2020 by Cambridge University Press, and her accompanying website, attempts to map as many Black activist speaking locations as possible across Britain and Ireland. She has organized numerous community events including talks, school workshops, heritage plaques, performances, podcasts, plays, exhibitions and walking tours on both sides of the Atlantic.

Curated eBook Collection

A collection of fiction, non fiction and poetry eBooks which complement the tour can be found in our Power of Protest collection by clicking here 

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