Library Adventures Live! with Helen & Thomas Docherty – ‘The Screen Thief.’


Date     Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 11am

We’ll be live with the Dochertys, creators of ‘The Screen Thief’ on Tuesday 27th July.  Join us at 11am to find out more about their book, with readings, and don’t forget to bring your paper and pencils for a draw-along.



Look Out!  There’s a Snaffle about, and she’ll eat your screen as a snack!  The Snaffle just wants to make friends, but everyone’s too busy staring at their phones.  When all their screens mysteriously disappear, that’s when the fun really starts!


Helen and Thomas Docherty live in South Wales with their two daughters, and a puppy called Tesni.  They married in 2008, and now live in Swansea.  Their other books include ‘Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure’ (Templar, 2010) and a rhyming story book called ‘The Snatchabook’ (Alison Green Books, 2013)  More details on the following webpage –

Watch introduction here:


Watch this adventure live or catch up here: