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Thursday 9th June, 11am

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In this fabulous event, Greenaway shortlisted illustrator Yurong talks about her beautiful, innovative picture book Shu Lin’s Grandpa and treats us to a reading of it. Discover her artistic style and inspirations before being guided through a creative artistic challenge. The perfect way to celebrate Empathy Day!

To join in and make a dragon puppet with Yurong, you will need:




colouring pens

2 different colours of paper

2 sticks (barbecue kebab sticks work well)

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Everything feels new and unsettling for Shu Lin when she joints a new class in a new school. Her new classmates feel unsure about her clothes and food, but when her grandpa comes to visit the class and shows his Chinese paintings, things slowly begin to change.

A warm, uplifting and inclusive story about approaching newcomers and new situations with openness and honesty. Young children are presented in all of their authentic glory in a real classroom setting. There is so much life and energy in this colourful and captivating picture book which shows the ways in which art can be transformative, leading to empathy and understanding of other cultures. Immersive, warmly portrayed images bring culture and character to life and show how art can mean something to everyone whether or not we share a common language. It expertly draws out the magic and wonder of discovering new art.

Read reviews and see artwork (including some from the Kirklees Libraries shadowers!) inspired by Shu Lin’s Grandpa on the CKG awards shadowing site

Meet Yurong:

Yu Rong has degrees in Chinese Painting and Contemporary Art from Nanjing Normal University and in Communication and Design from the Royal College of Art, London. Deeply versed in traditional Chinese art, she has won numerous international awards including the BIB Golden Apple and the Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award. Yu Rong’s books include Snowflake in my Pocket (with Rachel Bright), Tracks of a Panda (with Nick Dawson) and Shu Lin’s Grandpa (with Matt Goodfellow). She lives just outside Cambridge, England.

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The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal is awarded by children’s librarians for an outstanding book in terms of illustration for children and young people. Every spring, reading groups in libraries, schools, homes…in fact, anywhere there are children and young people are invited to get involved. We’re delighted to join in with this special Greenaway Shadowing edition of Library Adventures Live! 

EmpathyLab is at the forefront of a powerful book-based empathy movement, inspiring children and young people to learn more about empathy, have transformational experiences through stories and put empathy into action! Empathy Day is celebrated on Thursday 9th June 2022. The theme this year is empathy, our human superpower – a special skill you can develop to transform your life, your relationships and the world itself.

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