LAL! with Tarah L. Gear


Tuesday 14th June, 11am

Streamed live on both Kirklees Libraries YouTube channel and Facebook page

Join Tarah L. Gear to talk about her latest book ‘Just Like Grandpa Jazz’. A brand new picture book focused on black and mixed heritage, inspired by Tarah’s personal experience of privilege and racism within a mixed race family.


The book includes back matter about heritage and elements of anti-racism to aid discussion at home and in the classroom around racism, migration and the Windrush generation.



About Just Like Grandpa Jazz

In Just Like Grandpa Jazz we meet a little boy, white-skinned, blue-eyed Frank, and his Mauritian Grandpa, Jazz. As Jazz is packing a suitcase ready for a trip back to his homeland, he recounts the memories attached to each item of luggage to an eager Frank, who is delighted by each story and curious to know more about his family’s history. He also learns that Jazz was sometimes treated differently because of his skin colour.

As well as carrying an important message, the book is vibrant and joyful, depicting the loving and fun relationship between a boy and his grandpa – two people who are captivated, enthralled. fun-loving, fiery, silly, eccentric and in a world of their own.

A wonderful celebration of inter-generational relationships, and full of adventure, children will enjoy exploring Grandpa Jazz’s enthralling stories and anecdotes alongside Franl, and will truly delight in the surprise twist ending!


About Tarah L. Gear

Tarah L. Gear is a debut author who studied Creative Writing at Warwick University. Tarah is mixed-race; her father is from Mauritius and her mother is from Wales. She also grew up in the Middle East where she witnessed and experienced many different cultures and met people with many different backgrounds. She believes this givers her a rich background to draw on and a deep empathy which influences her writing. She is fascinated by how memory and childhood experiences shape our values. Tarah lives in Warwickshire with her husband and two sons.


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