Library Adventures Live! with Laura Mucha and Hannah Peck ‘Rita’s Rabbit’


Date     Tuesday 3rd August 2021 at 11am

We’ll be live with Laura Mucha author of Rita’s Rabbit and Hannah Peck who has illustrated this wonderful book with fantastic illustrations.


 Join us at 11am to find out more about Rita and her rabbit! We will also be chatting about ‘really wanting things’ and ‘how things aren’t always what they seem’! Bring you pencils, crayons and paper along as we will be doing lots of drawing and fun things like that. It will be a hopping adventure of fun and laughter!  



Author Laura Mucha

Laura Mucha is an ex-lawyer and award-winning poet, writer and speaker. Laura also writes for children and has won two international prizes for children’s poetry. You can read, listen and watch her work at @lauramucha



Hannah Peck

Hannah Peck is an author and an illustrator based in Brighton, UK. She originally studied English Literature at university, all the while stocking up on stories, poems and characters that would later inspire her writing and her illustrations.



Rita’s Rabbit – Be careful what you wish for!

Rita really really really wanted a rabbit.
Spike was NOT a rabbit.
He was scaly, scary, scratchy, scrabbly, scrawny, speckled and spiky.

A very funny text wonderfully complemented by Hannah Peck’s witty artwork.

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