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Greenaway Shadowing LAL+

Starbird with

Sharon King-Chai


Wednesday 19th May, 10am

Streamed live on Kirklees Libraries’ Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels and available to watch again whenever you like on catch up.

The CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal is awarded by children’s librarians for an outstanding book in terms of illustration for children and young people. Every spring, reading groups in libraries, schools, homes…in fact, anywhere there are children and young people are invited to get involved. We’re delighted to join in with this special Greenaway Shadowing edition of Library Adventures Live! 

In this fabulous event, shortlisted author/illustrator Sharon King-Chai talks about her beautiful, innovative picture book Starbird and treats us to a reading of it. Discover her artistic style and inspirations before being guided through a creative artistic challenge.

If you’ve got questions about this event, please get in touch at: . Our creative young shadowers produced some amazing art in response to this event, take a peep at their Greenaway gallery on the Kirklees Libraries Greenaway shadowing page

Image of cover of Starbird

Starbird is a magical story about love, freedom, and the wisdom of children.

Starbird’s songs weave the richest dreams and delight all who hear him, but when the Moon King traps him in a cage as a gift for his daughter, the colour and life in his voice begin to drip away. While the Moon King is blinded by greed and selfishness, his young daughter can clearly see the injustice and cruelty of his actions.

The Greenaway judges said, “There is visual splendour in this colourful book, with the shining silver foil providing a thoughtful addition. The animal silhouettes showcase their shape, and clever use of brushstrokes create contrast. The illustrations tell the story thanks to a magical colour palette and inventive use of space. The concept of time is presented well – whole-page spreads slow time down, whilst panel sets speed it up.”

Read reviews and see artwork (including some from the Kirklees Libraries shadowers!) inspired by Starbird on the CKG awards shadowing site

Image of paperback cover of Starbird

Meet Sharon:

Sharon King-Chai is an award-winning designer and illustrator. Born in Australia to Chinese-Malaysian parents, she moved to London in 2003, after studying Visual Communication. She fell in love with storytelling through music and books, and found her niche working as a designer in music and publishing industries. This eventually led to her creating her own books. Sharon has a great passion for experimenting and innovation, and loves exploring format, narrative and new characters. She also loves using unusual materials, and references nature a lot in her artwork. Ingredients often include potatoes, blackberries, onions, feathers and sticks. 

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