Wolf Girl with Jo Loring-Fisher


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Pencils and paper at the ready as author/illustrator, Jo Loring-Fisher introduces you her new book: Wolf Girl and shows you how to draw from it.


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Wolf Girl cover

Wolf Girl

Frances Lincoln Publishing/Quarto

Sophy doesn’t know how to fit in. She tries to talk at school but the words get stuck in her throat and everyone laughs and whispers behind her back. Upset and alone, Sophy hides away in her room. But then an extraordinary thing happens…

Sophy is whisked away to a magical snowy land where she meets a wolf and her cub. The unlikely trio roll, run and howl together, playing happily in the snow. Sophy has found friends and nothing can ruin her day… until a big, angry bear appears. But Sophy finally finds her voice and finds the courage she’s been looking for all along.

This is a story of overcoming the isolating feeling of being shy, finding friends and most importantly, finding your voice.

Wolf Girl | joloringfisher


Jo Loring-Fisher is an artist, author/illustrator & graduate of Cambridge School of Art’s MA in Children’s Book Illustration. She lives with her husband and youngest daughter, in the beautiful city of Bath, England. 

She loves both the city and the countryside, and enjoys creating images using a range of materials including collage, ink, paint and printmaking. Much of her inspiration comes from observing the natural world and everyday life. 

She’s excited by the scope of subjects that children’s books cover, from light-hearted, to tackling the challenges we all face and sometimes favours difficult subject matter softened by the use of her chosen materials.



Jo’s Wolf Girl worksheets:


Image of Jo
Wolf Girl Worksheet 1
Wolf Girl cover

Earth Day


In 2020, for Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, Jo wrote a mindfulness nature blog for Lantana Publishing, introducing some of the themes from her book Taking Time (from Lantana Publishing). You can read Jo’s blog here. 

Earth Day has online events running from 20th – 22nd April 2021. The 20th April is the Global Youth Summit led by Earth Uprising, with speakers including Greta Thunberg. You can find out more about Earth Day 2021 by visiting: www.earthday.org





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Gallery of viewer’s drawings:


Fierce Wolf Girl by Hannah

Fierce Wolf Girl by Olivia

Fierce Wolf Girl by Ninja Nana

Fierce Wolf Girl by Hannah
Fierce Wolf Girl by Olivia
Fierce Wolf Girl by Ninja Nana