Julia Sarda  


Tuesday 18th January at 11am Streamed live and on catch up on Kirklees Libraries’ Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.

Julia will be discussing her life as an illustrator and how things have changed since becoming an author too!

You will be able to type questions to Julia during the event on Facebook or You Tube or you can email them in to us in advance at:




Barcelona born Julia has previously illustrated many children’s novels, non fiction and picture book titles including Rose Campion and the Stolen Secret*, One Day In Wonderland, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Wizard of Oz, Mary and Frankenstein*, A Life Electric and The Wolf’s Secret*. She has now taken the plunge and written and illustrated her first solo picture book: The Queen In The Cave.

During Julia’s LAL! session, she recommended her favourite books: 

Astrid Lindgren: Ronja, The Robber’s Daughter*

Tove Jansson: The Summer Book**

Malcom Bird: The Witches Handbook 

*Available to borrow from our libraries.

**Available to borrow from our libraries and E-Library (Libby app).

If you’d like to find find out more about Julia, you can visit:

website: www.juliasarda.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/juliasardaportabella


This is what her publisher, Walker Books had to say about her first venture as author/illustrator:

“One night, Franca has a dream about a marvellous queen, who lives in a dark cave, deep in the forest. She cannot sit still until she knows if her dream is true! So, together with her younger sisters, Carmela and Tomasina, she ventures into the forest at the end of their garden. As they travel deeper through nettles and thickets, drawing closer and closer to the cave, the world shifts … everything shrinks and expands at the same time. They are somewhere new now, somewhere different. Here, they meet beasts and creatures that shock and delight them, and escape horrible things that utterly frighten them. They learn how to be brave, to be bold, to face their darkest fears. And what of the queen? Well, what they find in the cave is perhaps the most unexpected thing of all…”

Walker Books – The Queen in the Cave

Watch Julia’s LAL1 session here: