Letterbox Club 2021


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Hello and welcome to your Letterbox Club page from Kirklees Libraries. We are supporting Kirklees Virtual Schools, who are working with your grown ups to make sure you get all the BookTrust Letterbox Club packs.

Each month you’ll receive 2 books, a puppet and some surprises…crayons and a sketch book are great to get you started in pack one…what will you draw? Maybe you could draw your puppet…we got a lion as our first one…which one did you receive? The drawing things are great for writing and illustrating your own stories and learning your colours…maybe you could write your name and age on the front of your special drawing book. We hope you all love your book packs which are yours to keep.

There will be a special, live streamed Library Adventures Live! (LAL!) session on Tuesday 17th August at 11am. Join our BIGGEST Letterbox favourite, the awesome Philip Ardagh for a hilarious event featuring his picture book Bunnies on the Bus. Remember your copy of the book, pencil and paper for a bunny draw a long too! Anyone can watch our LAL! sessions (either live or on catch up), you don’t need to be in Kirklees. You can find out how to join the event on this webpage.

Learn more about our Library Adventures Live! online event with Philip Ardagh in his video below:

Catch up with our Library Adventures Live! event with Philip Ardagh here:


If you’d like to borrow additional books, please get in touch with your local library, we’d love to welcome you. To find out more about Kirklees Libraries opening times, look at our locations page. You can also join the library and get Ebooks and E audio books online.

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