Bright Bursts of Colour – a poetic adventure with Matt Goodfellow 


Tuesday 3rd November, 11am

Streamed live on both Kirklees Libraries YouTube channel and Facebook page

What if cats had flavoured fur or if you swallowed the sun? What if you were a special kind of badger? What is poetry and why is it different? Get poetic with the amazing rock star poet Matt Goodfellow as he shows us that poems can be about everything, from the tragedy of too-tight swimming goggles, to lost friendships, to dogs with human names! Matt performs from his new collection Bright Bursts of Colour and inspires you to write your own poem, in your voice, about your life!

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About Bright Bursts of Colour:

Packed with brilliant poems that explore a whole range of themes from the downright silly to the sensitive, this collection will delight, enthuse and resonate with children and adults alike! Ideal for ages 7+

Those who love poetry should snap up Matt Goodfellow’s rich and vivid new collection” Imogen Russell Williams, The Guardian

“This poetry collection is absolutely superb and so well observed … This is a poet who really knows and understands children.” Dawn Finch, author and librarian

“There’s a lot fun in this book, but it also includes poems on more sensitive themes and it can be a good route in to exploring often tricky things with children.” Sarah Burns


About Matt Goodfellow:

Matt was supposed to be a rock star – and spent many years trying to be one until he realised he was actually pretty rubbish at music. He put the guitar down and became a primary school teacher. The songs he used to write in bands became poems for the children in his classes. Eventually Matt’s poems started to get published and he went part time as a teacher, part time as a poet in schools. After a couple of years, he went full time – and now poets all over the UK and beyond. Matt is proud to be a National Poetry Day Ambassador for the Forward Arts Foundation. Matt has worked with all sorts of different people including The Premier League, The National Literacy Trust and many more…

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