Nadine Kaadan 


“Tomorrow” a story from Syria with Nadine Kaadan

For Yazan, life has changed quickly – his friends are gone, his parents are too busy watching the news to take him to the park, and he does not know when he will get out to play again. But Yazan is being brave and remembering there is always tomorrow.

Watch as award-winning author and illustrator Nadine Kaadan draws and reads from her beautiful picture book “Tomorrow”. Learn all about the rich culture and proud history of Damascus and the courage of the Syrian children. Then create your own images and artwork. Discover how books have the power to help children in frightening situations find courage and hope. 

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About Tomorrow:

Yazan no longer goes to the park to play, and he no longer sees his friend who lives next door. Everything around him is changing. His parents sit in front of the television with the news turned up LOUD and Yazan’s little red bike leans forgotten against the wall. Will he ever be able to go outside and play? An uplifting story about a courageous little boy growing up in a time of conflict, and the strength of family love.

‘Tomorrow is a story about how together we can build a better world’ – Babel Babies

‘Kaadan’s artwork is stunning. Capturing mood so brilliantly she conveys her characters’ emotions through every paint stroke’ – My Book Corner


  About Nadine Kaadan:

Since the age of 8, Nadine Kaadan hasn’t stopped writing and illustrating children’s books – she simply knew that it was her calling in life. She started distributing her first fairy tales to her 5th grade classmates, and 20 years later she is an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. Her stories sometimes touch on delicate subjects like children with special needs, or like the current troubled situation in the Arab world, and other times they are just plain fun.

Nadine is from Damascus, Syria, now living in London.


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