A time-travelling in Kirklees adventure with Nikki Young 


Tuesday 17th November, 11am

Streamed live on both Kirklees Libraries YouTube channel and Facebook page

Meet Nikki Young, author of the ‘Time School’ series of books. ‘We will remember them’ and ‘We will honour them’ both have an exciting time-travelling storyline.  They are a fascinating mix of history, friendship, empathy and adventure. Viewers will have a chance to do some exciting time-travelling creative writing of their own, and Nikki will be answering your questions.

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About Time School: We Will Remember Them:

After running late and catching the wrong train to school, Jess, Nadia, Tomma and Ash find themselves one hundred years in the past.  Going back has its risks.  Can the friends make it home or will they be stuck in World War One forever? 

About Time School: We Will Honour Them:

Nadia Kaminski knows very little about her Polish grandfather and her Polish roots, so how is she going to write a speech about him to read at his funeral?  Along with fellow time-travellers, Jess, Tomma, and Ash, they find themselves on a train journey to the past.  Who is Marcel?  And why does he have the same name as Nadia?  Is this a chance for Nadia to find out who she really is?  It’s time to board the train for another adventure back in time.

“A beautiful tale of time travel, friendship and adventure.” Siobhan Curham.

 “Nikki Young understands how children read.” Linden Kemkaran, BBC Radio Presenter

 “An exciting and informative escapade back in time.” Stacey Garrity, WhisperingStories.


About Nikki Young:

Nikki Young is a freelance writer, author and copywriter.  She is the author of ‘The Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants,’ an adventure story aimed at 7 to 9 year-olds and reluctant readers.  As well as writing Nikki runs Storymakers, a creative writing club for children which provides weekly courses and holiday workshops for children aged seven and above.  Nikki lives in Kent with her husband, three children, a crazy Boston Terrier dog called Barnie and a rescue cat named Oscar. For more information go to: www.nikkiyoung.co.uk


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