Pansy Boy by Paul Harfleet


Wednesday 24th February, 10am

Streamed live on Kirklees Libraries’ Facebook, YouTube and Twitter channels and available to watch again whenever you like on catch up via our website.

Author/illustrator/designer Paul Harfleet will be talking about his beautiful, thoughtful book: Pansy Boy and treating us to a reading of it. He’ll then be leading a workshop…drawing birdsong…a wonderful experience and one everyone should try at least once! Paul is looking forward to engaging with you and answering your questions, so please get in touch during the live session via social media, or you can e-mail us beforehand at: and Paul will do his best to get through everyone’s questions.

Meet Paul:

Pansy Boy is a picture book written and illustrated by artist Paul Harfleet. Rhyming couplets tell the story of a boy who revels in the joys of summer, exploring the flora and fauna around him. Reluctantly he returns to school where he is subjected to incessant bullying. Intelligent and bright, he is driven to create a plan to reclaim his school.  Pansy Boy is a creative extension of Paul Harfleet’s ongoing artwork, The Pansy Project. The artist has been planting pansies at the site of homophobia since 2005 and it is this revelation that ends Pansy Boy, bringing the concept into the real world. Recently Paul has been delving further into his love of ornithology by creating drawings of birds accompanied with so-called ‘gentle references’, find out more about Paul here:

Pansy Boy



Watch this adventure here:


Watch Paul’s introduction here:


Bird Art and Gentle References

Drawing of a cassowary
Curry Seagull drawing
Hummingbird drawing
Woodpecker drawing

Drawing to the Sound of Birdsong






Flamboyance of Flamingos

A pheasant's birdsong as a drawing
Chaffinch birdsong
Drawing of Wren birdsong
Drawing of Nightingale's birdsong
Drawing of Flamingos' song

By Paul Harfleet

Drawing of pheasant's song
Drawing of chaffinch song
Drawing of a wren's song
Drawing of a nightingale's song
Drawing of flamingos' song

By Olivia

Drawing of a pheasant's song
Drawing of a chaffinch's song
Drawing of a wren's birdsong
Nightingale's song
Flamingos' song

By Ninja Nana

Drawing of pheasant birdsong
Drawings of chaffinch birdsong
Drawing of wren's birdsong
Drawing of a nightingale's song
Drawing of flamingos' songs

By Sue

Drawing of pheasant birdsong
Drawing of a chaffinch's birdsong
Drawing of a wren's song
Drawing of a nightingale's song
Drawing of flamingos' songs

By Amanda